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Who we are

We are an independent group of young professionals based in Cape Town, forged together out of the need for better learning experiences in our workplaces. Our team consists of Trainers, IT Developers and Finance Professionals with experience spanning more than 20 years in South Africa.

What we do

We work with our clients to deliver digital content or e-learning tailored to suit each unique business's needs. We provide a cloud based learning system that can provide engaging learning experiences, using tools like built in gamification to promote progress and staff motivation. Our mission is to make learning accessible to more people and businesses.

How it's done

By combining our team’s training knowlege, business analysis, end to end business management consulting and web development - we are able to approach a problem from many angles. This supports the creation of the best possible solution for our clients. We take the time to understand our clients and users needs and build a solution on that basis.

Lastly, the "Why?"

We are passionate about helping everyday people to improve their workplace skills and grow as an individual. We want to improve the learning experience, using what we know, supported by our technology.



We have built our custom learning platform (Xlearn LMS) from the ground up, using the latest web technologies and frameworks, which has created a highly scalable solution. Making it possible to be  quickly and effectively delivered to all the users you'll ever need to accommodate!


Talk to us about your system and learning technology needs and we'll assist in guiding and navigating you through all the technical options we have available to you. If you have a unique requirement, we are able to carry out custom development.



Our LMS allows us to provide our clients with a single instance of our technology, where all of your students or users will access one site.

This makes it easier to manage and administer - all using one login. Within this site, we can assist you to get the most of your single instance.

As you grow, we can migrate you to a multi-tenant / instance if required.


For a larger user base (or enterprise), we recommend a multi-tenant instance of our platform.

Essentially, this creates a network of sub-instances for you to manage, and for each instance you can have many layers of configuration.

For example, if you have clients (who are businesses) and they want their own URL and settings, then this option is for you - plus we'll give you all the tools to manage all of these instances easily.

Our Team

Meet the people who are going to take your business to the next level
Tammy Murray
Tammy Murray


One of my passions is to make things simpler. Efficiencies and client experience is of the utmost importance. I love that our LMS can help people to be better at what they do and that we can be a technology partner to our clients so they can focus on what they are good at.

Jason Rattray
Jason Rattray


I love a challenge and throwing every thing I've got at it, to engage with people and hear and see where we can really make a difference, delivering and implementing solutions that we can be proud of, a passion to work with people and our environment to enable the future.

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