We were chatting the other day and saying how great the last year has been.  Keeping track of milestones means that you can see how far you’ve come.  It’s a great way to keep up momentum and to stay motivated.   We’ve made a list of our business’s key milestones and we’re so excited to be able to continuously add to them.

  • 2013: Brett starts looking into building better learning material for some financial planning software.  At the time, Tammy is on maternity leave and they start talking about Brett’s plans.
  • 2014-2016: Brett build’s Xlearn in his spare time & after hours, whilst having a full-time job
  • March 2016:  Tammy gets in touch with Brett about what he’s up to and discussions start about launching Xlearn in SA and also approaches another potential partner in South Africa
  • September 2016: the idea is shelved
  • March 2017: Tammy and Jason start talking about working together on an app for financial planners.  Tammy and Jason approach Brett to partner with him.
  • July 2017:  Jason, Tammy and Brett decide to go ahead and work on Xlearn as a partnership
  • August 2017: Xlearn is set up as a company in SA
  • February 2018: First 150 paying new users are loaded on the system
  • March 2018: A further 250 users are migrated off another LMS into Xlearn
  • April 2018: Reporting system is finalised and also the start of offline mobile app capabilities is started
  • April 2018: Brett travels to South Africa to work with Tammy and Jason on the next pieces of development
  • May 2018: New Xlearn interface is launched
  • May 2018: Xlearn has 500 end users

We have some exciting developments that we’re working on and will blog about them in due course.