Some days, I wake up and I’m amazed at how things just fall into place when you allow them to.  I recently wrote about how I was inspired by Shirley Zinn, who was a guest speaker at the Women in Finance Network event I attended a year and a half ago.  The message she gave was to follow the signs.

The Xlearn journey began a few years ago with a friend, based in Australia, having had experience in financial planning and also a trainer of software called Xplan and realising that software isn’t something that you can learn in a classroom-based training and it’s also painful to have to sit through long webinars.  He started looking into software teaching software.

At the same time, here in South Africa, the business where I worked was starting to use the financial planning software and we were seeing similar issues.  It was just very difficult to get people trained up quickly.  My friend and I were regularly in touch and we started to compare notes.

Skip forward a couple of years and with Jason on board, Xlearn LMS was created to house a training plug-in for cloud-based software.  This opened doors for us to move into the Learning Management System space, which is so interesting.  Our initial offering was just the bare bones and did all the things that a Learning Management System should do – course progression, reporting, certificates – and the list goes on.  However, it was very simple.  Users can do a course, there is course progression – in that you have to complete courses or lessons in a particular order, certificates are available and it is white labelled.

In the last couple of months, we have started looking into creating a better user experience and figure out how we can support our clients in getting their users to engage more.  This is a really exciting space to be.  What excites us the most, being a small business and all three of us coming from large corporates, we are extremely agile.  No meetings about meetings with different layers of decision-makers.  No spec’ing for months and completing a huge project only to realise that they need more work.  We can make decisions quickly, we are in direct contact with our clients, so we know exactly what their needs are – and we each have a different skill set.

We’re in the process of developing a new user interface now that should make the system more fun to interact with.  Users will now be able to have a profile with an image, there are badges to be earned and a leaderboard to create a little competition.