At the beginning of 2018, we had an Australian colleague who travelled to  South Africa to connect and to work together with Jason and me on gaining traction with some developmental projects we had, as well as meet our partners and clients.  Initially, it was a 2-week stay, but he enjoyed his time here so much, he decided to extend his stay to a year, after which time, he returned to Australia to pursue other opportunities.

During that year, we spent a fair amount of time looking for developers to help us with what seemed like an endless list of tasks and it’s been really interesting.  At the time, I wasn’t very technical – I mean, I understood how the pieces of technology work together and the processes around them, but it’s been a very steep learning curve for me and I would say I’m almost there, although, I’m better at looking at the user and client experience, marketing and operations as a result of my previous experience.

Our Australian colleague came on as our technical lead, which Jason and I eventually took over.  Jason, with all his Business Analyst experience, is brilliant at documenting all our requirements and making sure that we have all areas covered.  I was also surprised at how many amazing developers there are in Cape Town alone.  We spoke to over 30 individuals and development companies, in search of the right fit. Which we are happy to say, we finally found.

In late 2018, we rolled out a new Xlearn LMS interface, and this was updated again during the lockdown in 2020.  Our first one was very simple and did what most learning management systems are required to do, but wasn’t very pretty and extremely simple.  This was because, at the time, we were building it as a base for our software training software, which we ended up moving away from.  What we realised in the following 6 months, was that we need something more engaging.

Our next interface had gamification and as the time went on, we tinkered a little here and there and over 2019 and 2020, we now have the ability to have unique certificate numbers, a better type of gamification and much more.  We have the ability to build in interactive videos, we are now fully xAPI compatible, whereas before, we were only SCORM compliant.

Our projects list once seemed a mile long and it’s so exciting for us that we are now at a point where the list is able to fit on one page and that they are constantly moving forward.  The agility that Jason and I have managed to bring in, along with our amazing team has been mind-blowing.  I am grateful every day for “my guys” (guys and gals).

Our journey has been full of ups and downs, but what I am most grateful for, is that Jason is on the journey with me – couldn’t ask for a better partner!